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Black London Mistress’s Essential Blood Lust

The fact is that there are different types of protocol relationships with their “terms and conditions” and that, going to the bone, it was to be expected, each relationship is different. With his tricks, his times and his codes. Meanwhile, there is still a lot of ignorance about the Black London Mistress universe and its relationships. The taboo and the rigid conformation of morality stipulate a distant and prejudiced view of these practices. So, in order to remove the veil, add data, and unblock morale, these are about ten questions you would ask a couple in a relationship of submission and domination in mistress blog here

Black Sun: Not everything is pain. Some of the practitioners of these disciplines need pain to reach pleasure. It happens that the pain is linked to damage, to something bad. Let’s bring out the bad and the good. Pain is a common thread to pleasure. In the case of the sadistic-masochistic relationship, the sadist feels pleasure by impressing pain on the masochist and, in turn, the masochist feels pleasure through pain. It is essential to know that any of these practices have to be healthy, safe and consensual. Without consensus, it is abuse. The relationships of Black London Mistress that allow these practices are within the framework of a session in a role play, a certain time lapse that has a beginning, middle and end. If we don’t see this as a game, it can never be understood.

Mr. K: It is true that BDSM is based on exchanges of power, which implies inequality. But it is an inequality based on equality. BDSM practices presuppose an equality of departure: that one of the parties gives up for a time for the enjoyment of the two parties involved.Mr. K: If we are wrong about something we always talk about it and solve it. In a session there are no hatreds or resentments. When that happens, it is discussed and resolved. If I’m not in a position to be in control to ensure her and my safety, I don’t. It is for the same reason that we do not meet under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Black Sun: In fact, it is not advisable to meet when one or both parties are wrong due to internal or external situations. Dialogue is essential. There is no revenge: it always has to do with consensus. If there is revenge, it is abuse. What would you say to someone who sees their relationship as Black London Mistress “sick”?

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