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A psychology student sets up a bondage joint to act as a Black London Mistress for all the clients who visit her, with the help of her best gay friend from high school. A breath of fresh air, rabidly young and funny, with episodes that last around 15 min. Two seasons with fifteen episodes that are consumed in an instant. Sex and fun with the air of an American black comedy follow here

Teen series framed in the Moordale High institute where Ottis, the son of a sex therapist played by Gillian Anderson, becomes an advisor improviser to how many seek to improve their sexual relationships. Among the gallery of characters parade his partner and platonic love Maeve; Eric, the funny and explicit gay; or Adam the repressed son of the director. The series is not very explicit about sex, but it is very open in all its approaches and serves as a manual of sexual education for modern times. Two seasons and sixteen episodes.

Have you been convinced by what you have read so far and are you still determined to be a femdom ? Well, the next thing you should do is a personal evaluation. Make an analysis of what your character is like.

A femdom has to be a strong woman. Feeling powerful and being very self-confident. Consider yourself imperative and who likes to lead. Being free from prejudice is also important. Keep in mind that in BDSM very strong things are lived for those who are used to traditional sex.

Must have previously been involved in one of the areas of Black London Mistress. This is essential because if not, it can be a shock to start from scratch as a femdom Madrid . Also, sometimes you run the risk of overdoing it. A femdom doesn’t just have to be controlling. You also have to be understanding and attentive to be aware of your partner’s needs. It is vital that you take into account that in BDSM NOT EVERYTHING IS GOOD. The mistress-slave couple agrees in advance before doing anything.

If you consider that you meet those requirements, now you have the aesthetics. Dressing according to the situations is essential. Costumes, masks and leather or latex suits , stockings, fishnet, high heels … All kinds of elements that impose.

The accessories will come in handy. The whips or whips to punish. The spanking paddles to spank your partner. Ropes for bondage or poses to immobilize you. Heels are an accessory in themselves. They will serve you for fetish services or trampling . That is, for you to lick them or for you to step on their dominated with them.

The facesitting is also very common. Sit on your slave’s face to give you pleasure without receiving anything in return. It is compatible with the golden shower .

Ideally, to be femdom you look for an agency. In Enigma Escorts you will feel safe. Because in BDSM it is important to work in a space that feels like your comfort zone. 

Sometimes when you are femdom in Madrid you take risks. Think that you can find clients of all kinds. And sometimes you don’t know how to approach the situation if they have overdone it. Which is unusual. But it can happen and you have to count on it to be prevented. For this reason, especially the first time you are femdom you resort to working with an agency. 

In Enigma Escorts you will have your privacy and your independence to choose how you work. But you will also share space with other women who exercise the same as you. So you will feel supported being surrounded by people who will understand you. And with which you can exchange experiences or anecdotes quietly.

Our relax chalet ensures your privacy . So you won’t have to worry if you don’t want your family or relatives to know where you work.  Another advantage is that we take care of taking professional photos of you and the promotion ourselves in Black London Mistress . In this way we make sure that customers rain on you. But yes. You will always have the last word on who or not you will let enjoy your femdom Madrid services .

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